box al dia - boxeo mundial


Once again, the most significant border city of Mexico, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, is gearing up for an international event featuring the cream of the crop from its local boxing talent. These fighters are stepping into the ring for crucial matches that will shape their immediate future in the world of pugilism.

The spectacular fight card is presented by Promociones del Pueblo, under the leadership of Oswaldo Küchle. The event will be broadcast to over 20 countries across Latin America through the international ESPN Knockout signal, from the Municipal Josué Neri Santos Gym in Ciudad Juárez.

At the headline bout of the evening, Miguel ‘Micky’ Román aims to reach the historic milestone of 50 knockouts in his professional career. He’ll be contending for the WBC International title against the tough Argentine puncher Carlos Daniel ‘El Zorro’ Córdoba. This clash is sure to be electrifying.

‘Micky,’ who envisions victory, stated: «He’s a good boxer and a hard hitter, but at this stage of my career, no opponent scares me. With 80 fights under my belt, there have been times when I considered leaving boxing, but when I train and spar with 20-year-olds, I forget why I ever thought of quitting. Anything can happen in boxing; we’re going all in, and may the best man win.»

Córdoba, with extensive international experience, didn’t hesitate to predict an explosive showdown. «I’m glad to be part of this important event and facing a good opponent. I’ve never been afraid of anyone, and if he thinks I’m just a standing target, he should remember that I have two hands too. It’ll be a good fight, and we’ll need to watch out for each other’s punches because he’s a heavy hitter. But I’m here for a reason; I have a tough fight that I can win by working hard.»

In the main supporting bout, the undefeated world-ranked boxer Bryan ‘El Niño Maravilla’ Flores faces a challenging match against the experienced Eleazar ‘Tronco’ Valenzuela from Sinaloa, a formidable adversary for his aspirations.

Confident in the extensive training he’s undergone under the renowned Cuban trainer Ismael Salas, Bryan declared: «I’m undefeated, and it’s a pleasure to perform in front of my hometown crowd. I’ve fought both in and out of Juárez, and I give it my all whether I’m at home or away. I’m Mexican, and I like to go on the offensive.»

In a spectacular clash of female boxers who exhibit the peak of their respective careers, Diana ‘La Bonita’ Fernández faces off against Eloisa ‘La Koreana’ Martínez from Querétaro.

Diana, buoyed by her fans, asserted: «She’s an opponent who wants to ruin my plans, but she’ll run into a wall, and we’re going to win. She’s coming with momentum and determination; she started the year strong, but she’ll end it poorly. I’ve had good victories, and I’m getting closer to my opportunity.»

Eloisa, equally confident after two consecutive knockout wins, shared, «It’s going to be a great fight. I’m facing the best fighter from Ciudad Juárez, and I know that the Juárez crowd is a great judge. I’m at ease with that,» she concluded.

Heading the undercard is a pair of top-tier talents who remain undefeated in their professional careers. Local boxer Ariel ‘Apache’ Moreno Jr. and Héctor ‘Sepulturero’ Munguía Jr. from Mexico City are set for matches of the highest level of difficulty.

At the microphone, Apache committed to continuing his dominant stride in the professional boxing world. Of his eight wins, only one has gone the distance, highlighting his impressive knockout prowess. On the other hand, Munguía vowed to surpass his previous performance, stating, ‘I’m ready with shovel and pick to bury another opponent.’