box al dia - boxeo mundial


With the mission of becoming the first Mexican woman to unify championships in Europe, Yuliahn ‘Cobrita’ Luna from La Laguna faces the most challenging commitment of her career this Friday, September 1st. She’ll be taking on the undefeated Danish boxer Dina Thorslund for the WBC, WBO, and The Ring titles in the bantamweight division.

Represented by Promociones del Pueblo, under the direction of Oswaldo Küchle, Luna is already at the fight location, where she conducted her final practice before stepping onto the scale. She confidently assures that she won’t face any difficulty in making the required 118 pounds as per regulations.

From afar, Luna took the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported her throughout the preparation process. She dedicated her upcoming triumph to the entire Comarca Lagunera region and to all of Mexico. Above all, her victory is dedicated to her daughter Bárbara, her greatest source of inspiration in achieving her goals.

Yuliahn, a double world champion, has no doubts that she will return to Mexico as a triple world champion, securing the titles of the undefeated European fighter and solidifying her position as the best in the world in the 53.524-kilogram division, a division historically dominated by Mexicans, both male and female.