box al dia - boxeo mundial


Isaac Guerra

Expectations were at their peak. Social media was buzzing, boxing fans hung on every word spoken, and the media couldn’t stop talking about it. Jermell Charlo, the unified world champion in the Super Welterweight division, had vehemently declared that he would be the only man capable of defeating Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez by knockout. However, what promised to be an epic battle in the boxing ring turned into a night of disappointment for Charlo’s followers.

From the first bell, it was clear that Charlo was not willing to back his words with actions. Despite all the bravado and the gestures of confidence on social media, Charlo seemed more interested in surviving the fight than winning it. His strategy was evident: avoid ‘Canelo’s’ power at all costs and wait until the end to cash his check.

The Charlo who entered the ring that night was not the shadow of the warrior who used to thrill boxing fans with his aggressive style and impressive knockouts. Instead, he appeared content to stand his ground and avoid risks. The question on everyone’s mind was: Where were those «unique» and «different» punches that Charlo had promised to use against ‘Canelo’? His previous statement, «I believe I can knock him out, yes. I believe I have the power to knock him out,» vanished like smoke in the wind.

While Charlo avoided the fight, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez once again demonstrated why he is considered one of the greatest boxers of our time. His ability to adapt to any fighting style and his controlled aggression kept Charlo at bay. Every punch from ‘Canelo’ seemed to carry a clear message: «Do not underestimate my power or my skill.»

At the end of the fight, it was evident that Charlo had failed to fulfill his promises and prove himself as an elite fighter in the big leagues. Disappointment hung over the ring, and Charlo was left in ridicule in the eyes of the world. He couldn’t bring out the supposed arsenal of «unique» and «different» punches he was supposed to use against ‘Canelo.’

For Jermell Charlo, this fight should serve as a wake-up call. Now he can retire from boxing with his reputation slightly tarnished, but at least with the comfort of having cashed his paycheck. Meanwhile, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez continues to write his legend in the world of boxing, making it clear that even the best boxers are overwhelmed by his greatness and struggle to present an effective fight plan against him. ‘Canelo’s’ legacy continues to grow, and his name is engraved even deeper in the history of the sport